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The latest wireless technology to provide high speed internet access to the tri-state communities.

Mohave Broadband is a local company dedicated to providing quality broadband internet services to local customers at a reasonable rate. At Mohave Broadband we realize that our very existence as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) depends on you, our customers, and the quality of internet services that we provide to you.

Mohave Broadband has partnered with existing merchants in your community to serve you better. We have installed state-of-the-art WiFi equipement into our new facilities in this community because we believe that this community is a great place to live and is a good investment too.

Because we are locally owned and operated our investment is in the local area and our profits are eventually turned to the community. We are not a nationwide company that is dependent on boardroom decisions made elsewhere. Mohave broadband’s decisions are made by people in this community, who live here and understand what it is like to live in the desert; and what the unique needs are for users in this area.

Not only are we a WISP, but we will also help you become a WISP in your area. We can also get your hotel or RV park setip to provide internet service to customers no matter where it is in the USA.

Faster downloads.

Faster streaming.

Faster support.

More success.

We are proud to offer top-notch service.

The price is right, and WiFi broadband signal is very good.

Michael Holton

Great affordable Internet service provider

Jose Rodriguez

Awesome customer service. GREAT SERVICE FOR THE PRICE

Joe Umphress

They show up when they say and they fix problems very fast.

Connie Ridenour

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our slowest available account is a 328k down and 128k up. That makes browsing the web on our slowest connection about ten times faster than the fastest dial up account offered by our competitors.  And it gets even faster than that.

NO. With a Mohave Broadband connection you don’t even have to have a phone line in the same house if you don’t want to.  Our High speed Internet connection is done entirely separate from your phone and phone lines.

NO.  Mohave Broadband uses similar technology to our satellite competitors but our system is all earth based and our signal doesn’t have to travel out into space and back before it works.  We feel that by eliminating this long distance of travel in the signal makes our broad band connection faster and more reliable than that of many of our competitors.

 Yes you can. Please visit our self-service customer portal by clicking here.

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